The HPSC SmartLab (acronym of High Performance Scientific Computing Smart Laboratory) is the Applied High-Performance Scientific Computing Research Laboratory of the “Department of Science and Technology” (DiST, – University of Napoli “Parthenope” – Italy (established in 2007).

HPSC SmartLab’s mission is twofold:

  • developing multidisciplinary computational and mathematical sciences investigations using cutting edge analytical approachs, numerical methods, scientific computing tools, innovative data analysis algorithms, advanced low-cost high performance computing platforms;
  • enabling distributed collaborative and virtual environments by developing system software technologies and tools.

Main research topics of HPSC SmartLab:

  1. Numerical methods and scientific computing;
  2. Mathematical analysis:
  3. Parallel Computing on clusters and GPU for scientific applications;
  4. Distributed and Grid/Cloud Computing;
  5. Avanced Data Analysis;
  6. Atmospheric science models;

Main scientific fields of interest are:

applied mathematics, computational mathematics, computer science, atmospheric science, computational biology and bioinformatics.

HPSC Smartlab scientific supervisor: Prof. Giulio GIUNTA

HPSC Smartlab technical coordinator: Dr. Raffaele MONTELLA

Research groups:

AMNCS : Mathematical and Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing Group. Field: Applied and Computational Mathematics Members: Giulio Giunta (PI), Benedetta Pellacci (PI), Mariarosaraia Rizzardi, Anna Lisa Amadori, Ardelio Galletti, Livia Mercellino. On going projects: Methodologies and techniques of mathematical and numerical analysis, and scientific computing for elliptic and parabolic PDEs, inverse problems and large scale data fitting. Topics: PDE: results about existence of stationary solutions of non linear/asymptotically linear systems of Schrodinger equations, and non-symmetric solutions of elliptic problems; Integro-differential equations in population dynamics: analytical studies and numericasl methods. Inverse problems: numerical inversion of Laplace Transform for parallel computing systems; Data fitting: large scale barycentric interpolation, implicit methods for large scale surface reconstruction with RBF.

GVIRTUS: Middleware for GPU virtualization in GpGPU setting. Members: Raffaele Montella (PI), Giulio Giunta (PI), Carlo Palmieri. On going projects: Rapid: Heterogeneous Secure Multi-level Remote Acceleration Service for Low-Power Integrated Systems and Devices.

ATMO: Computational models and data analysis tools for air quality modeling and meteorological forecasting. Members: Angelo Riccio (PI), Raffaele Montella (PI), Giulio Giunta, Carlo Palmieri. On going projects: Centro Campano per la Modellistica Marina e Atmosferica, AriaSaNa,