The HPSC SmartLab is currently involved in a wide range of projects in basic, applied and industrial reasearch.

Such projects are compliant with the HPSC SmartLab mission aimed to develop multidisciplinary computational science investigations using cutting edge numerical methods, innovative data analysis algorithms, advanced low-cost high performance computing platforms, new distributed collaborative and virtual computing environments.

Our multidisciplinary and often interdisplinary reasearch activities are focused on the following areas (for each area the principal investigator p.i. is reported) Scientific computing, parallel computing, numerical methods for differential equations, numerical methods for environmental modeling p.i. : Prof. Giulio Giunta

Atmospheric and climate modeling, atmospheric physics and chemistry, atmospheric data analysis p.i. : Dr.Angelo Riccio

Grid and cloud computing, advanced web applications for scientific computing p.i. : Dr. Raffaele Montella

Bioinformatics, computational biology p.i. : Dr. Romina Oliva

People working in our Department or in other departments, or even in academic depts and research labs outside our University, master and PhD students and post-docs are welcome to join HPSC SmartLab to carry out joint research activities.