The research assistant activities at the HPSC-Smartlab are focused on student (BSC, MSC, PHD) skill improvement on edge topics in computer science, applied mathematics and computational sciences. Deeply involved in the lab working schedule, students can achieve proficiency in scientific software development, business prototypes design and implementation and both technical and scientific writings. Volunteering as research assistant in the HPSC-Lab makes the student earning school credits (CFU) in order to certify extra activities, internship (full or partial) and final degree work development. The HPSC-Lab supports the students with computational resources and basic internet of things gears.
  • Extra activities (Ulteriori Conoscenze). The student shares the HPSC-Lab working schedule focusing on a research topic. The improved skills are demonstrated with the contribution in software products, talks and presentations.
  • Full or partial internships: The student contributes on a top edge research topic focusing on well defined expected results. We encourage the best students who attended the courses at the UNP iOS Foundation Program ( to apply to our internship competition program in order to achieve the needed experience and skills for their thesis final work.
  • Final degree work (thesis): The HPSC-SmartLab is eager of new talent in its research topics in order to develop together new skills and findings and push forward the overall quality of the team’s products. The HPSC-Smart can leverage on a impressive aftermath placement rates in some of the top world companies.
In order to apply to any HPSC-SmartLab’s research activities, please fill the form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible for a selection interview.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, General Purpose Graphic Processing Units, Web, Internet of Things.