The QueryObject (QO) is the top of the edge software product of CrossZ Solutions S.p.A. (XZS) a private company with the mission to provide enterprise solution following the ideal approach based on melting ideas, technologies and services commonly known as “cake from a mix”.

The QO could be easily defined as a data compiler acting on raw multidimensional data, independently about the storing fashion, in order to compress it in a so called “ready file”. The user next step is to carry out one of queryable objects (a collection of Query Objects, QOs) performing al possible queries on the selected data. In this way the QOs could be moved and used as a really high performance queryable references to the original uncompressed data.

The QueryObject is composed by an Engine (server-side) and a Voyager (client-side) used to perform the management of project files and database connections due to make every possible selection query permutation.

Founded by the Italian Government law number 317 (ref., L317), the Query Grid project has the aim to develop a grid computing based component service version of the Query Object engine joining the forces of the CrossZ Solutions S.p.A. and the Department of Applied Science (DSA) of the University of Napoli Parthenope (UoNP) in order to make possible the knowledge dissemination from the research technology to the enterprise business application world.

The DSA research team is hardly working in order to implement the grid enabled QO engine component, formally called GridQO, following the here developed and tested  “same binary” approach achieving the goal without changing the original source code.

GridQO is spread on the grid as a grid web service based on the world spread Globus Toolkit (GT) developed at the Mathematics and Computing Science (MCS), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the Computation Institute (CI) of the University of Chicago (UoC) with which both institutions the DSA has an under run cooperation. The GT is a middleware made to build of Grid Computing environment for the distributed computing and for share the computing resource between organization that have common goals using the web service paradigm.

We are working on the following multi-tier software architecture:

  1. The Query Object Engine (QOE) is wrapped by a Java based Query Object Document Object Model (QODOM) making programmatically drivable any aspect of the QOE ranging from the data selection to the ready file building and from the query objects creation to the query object interrogation.
  2. Leveraging on the QODOM, the QueryObjectService offers all Query Object features to grid users enforcing privacy, security and performances thanks to the Grid Security Infrastructure, the Reliable File Transfer service and the Index Service.
  3. The QueryObjectService integrates with grid web services previously developed at DSA as the Job Flow Service, the Resource Broker Service, the Instrument Service and the Multi Dimensional Data Distribution Service.
  4. The QueryObjectService il designed to be deployed on both real grids and virtual grids hosted on computing clouds.

The choose test bed application relies on the gridQO, aka the QueryObjectService, in order to compress and make available in the compact QOs form the huge amount of five dimensional environmental data produced each day by the Weather and Marine Forecast system at DSA.

For more information about this project you can see the Odissea Project’s website: